Whether we're gathering online or in-person, the purpose of our unique wellness experiences remains the same, to help create more positive associations with a healthy lifestyle through immersive learning that feels more like fun than education.

Our carefully curated experiences make it fun and easy to better understand popular holistic health and nutrition topics by breaking them down with experts in a fun, social setting, then providing clear next steps on how to pursue the topic more deeply.


Think of our experiences as just hanging out with your friends....your really awesome new friends that just happen to know all about the things that you're interested in!


with industry experts and our community members at our online and in-person experiences


the deeply rooted connection between food, mood and holistic health


yourself in a fun social setting that simplifies complex topics and provides clear next steps for further education


better living in your everyday life by creating more positive associations with healthy choices

On a Video Call

Experience our unique approach to wellness without any contact at one of our interactive online workshops.

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Learn to create dairy, gluten and refined sugar free recipes with Mood Food's founder Melissa Peralta at our private in-home cooking classes. 


Experience the Mood Food magic in our signature in-person setting with our bespoke wellness events.

Upcoming Experiences

  • Thu, Apr 22
    Holly Hill Farm
    Join us on a guided tour of historic Holly Hill Farm while enjoying a selection of dairy, gluten and refined sugar free snacks from The Mood Food Marketplace at this casual outdoor event benefiting Holly Hill Farm’s organic, sustainable and regenerative farming practices.
  • Sun, Jun 27
    Cohasset Lightkeeper's Hall
    Join us for a magical evening full of dairy, gluten and refined sugar free dishes prepared with fresh, organic ingredients from Holly Hill Farm and other local vendors like Duxbury Saltworks and #moodfoodapproved favorites!

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