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nourish. educate. inspire.

Mood Food Events are carefully curated wellness experiences that are created to be as fun, welcoming and nourishing as they are relaxing, educational and inspiring.

All of our events are focused on creating positive associations with healthy habits (AKA creating opportunities for your mind to associate healthy choices with having fun and feeling great!) and can include a wide variety of holistic health experiences ranging from spa services, to farm-to-table dining and everything in between!


In addition to spa and dining services, our unique wellness events can also feature yoga, cooking classes, wine tastings, medium readings, meditations, sound baths and more!

We also offer bespoke private events that can be completely tailored to whatever you have in mind!


Whether it's a simple yoga session, fun cooking class, formal farm-to-table dinner, or relaxing micro retreat that you're envisioning, we can create a bespoke wellness event just for you in the comfort of your own home or ideal location.

Just get in touch to begin building your bespoke event!

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While our events are always focused on creating an inspiring experience that is full of immersive learning opportunities, our workshops and cooking classes aim to educate a bit more than our other events with unique education techniques and hands-on experiences led by experts in their field.


Our workshops and cooking classes cover a wide variety of topics ranging from herbalism and astrology, to nutrition and physical movement, and everything in between! 

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Our chef prepared dining experiences focus on the idea that healthy food can and should be just as satisfying a delicious as your favorite not-so-great-for-you dishes. 


While our menus vary greatly by event, we always use the highest quality ingredients and cleanest cooking techniques to create amazing dishes that redefine what "health food" should taste like! All of our menus are ALWAYS 100% DAIRY, GLUTEN AND REFINED SUGAR FREE! 

As with all of our events, an element of education is infused into all aspects of the event, and recipes are often provided so that you can recreate the healthy dishes at home.

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Mood Food retreats are a special space away from the stress of everyday life where you can gather with a like-minded individuals to practice self-care, reconnect with authentic yourself, and nourish the mind, body and spirit with four days filled with integrative wellness offerings. 


We specialize in creating micro and mini retreats that allow for rest and rejuvenation, without having to travel to a far off destination.


While we are happy to create an amazing space right in your location, we are also available to assist with accommodations if you are interested in getting away.

Our retreats can include a wide variety of holistic health experiences ranging from yoga, massage, facials and private dining, in addition to cooking classes, wine tastings, medium readings, sound baths, meditations and more!

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