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more info about our 2023 winter retreat coming soon!

women's wellness retreats

luxurious all inclusive wellness experiences with an ayuervedic farm-to-table focus



Our women's wellness retreats are a restorative space away from the stress of everyday life where you can gather with like-minded women to practice self-care, reconnect with your authentic self, and nourish the mind, body and spirit with four days filled with integrative wellness offerings.

Each of day of our four day retreat format is comprised of activities that align with our four core values to gather, nourish, educate and inspire, and the retreat itself will be designed to leave you feeling rested, restored and ready to take on the challenges of the day-to-day with new tools that can be easily integrated in your everyday life at home. 

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Day one will be a relaxed half day focused on gathering with the group and grounding in your own personal space.


Upon arrival at 2p you will be greeted at the door and shown to your private room where you will find a bounty of locally sourced products and special surprises created just for this unique retreat!


Once you've settled into your personal space, you will be welcome to spend as much time in private reflection as you please before finding your way to the common area for our first "family dinner" at 5p, followed by casual community time and optional evening yoga at 7p.


Day two of our retreat will focus on nourishing all aspects of our being with healthy meals, relaxing massages, custom facials and reiki energy work, as well as astrology and psychic readings, morning and evening yoga, and time you to rest and connect with a more intuitive sense of self and peaceful pace of life.


On this day first full day of the retreat you will be treated three freshly prepared dairy, gluten and refined sugar free meals (with clean snacks and beverages available in between), in addition to morning and evening yoga classes, and a meditative sound bath.


Private services such as massages, facials, readings and treatments can be added to your day by selecting your desired services at checkout.

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Day three will focus on providing you with new tools to help support a more balanced and nourished lifestyle in your everyday life.


On this day you will experience a series of group wellness workshops focused on making it easier for you to integrate the ayurvedic philosophy, clean cooking and regular self care into your everyday life.


Today's meals, snacks and beverages will be served in a similar format to day two, with an emphasis on embracing the ayurvedic philosophy.


Day four will be a fun and relaxing day focused on creating an intention around your personal wellness with a cozy vision board brunch and other grounding activities to help inspire the maintenance your newfound frame of mind before gathering for our final circle and departing for home.

Our final days menu will feature a selection of sweet and savory composed plates that showcase the ayurvedic philosophy in 

Young woman creating her Feng Shui wish map using scissors. Dreams and wishes.jpg


dairy free.

gluten free.

refined sugar free.

This events menu will also have paleo, vegan, keto, FODMAP and SIBO friendly options available!


Every meal served at this event will be created and prepared by Mood Food's founder, Melissa Peralta, using 100% dairy, gluten and refined sugar free ingredients, with plenty of plant based, paleo, vegan and keto friendly options.


Melissa prides herself on creating clean meals with locally sourced ingredients that prove healthy food should never have to look or taste like "health food" that leaves you feeling like you've made a sacrifice for your health at the end of your meal. 

Each morning will begin with hot tea bar and fresh juice followed by a build your own breakfast bowl station designed to encourage intuitive eating.

Around mid-day each day, Melissa will offer an exciting assortment of vibrant ingredients that you will be able to build into your ideal lunch bowl with her assistance or the guidance of your own intuition. 

Each evening the group will gather for a family style meal created with seasonal ingredients from local farms and trusted vendors.

Between meals a selection of fresh fruit, pantry snacks and beverages will be available in the kitchen for casual consumption whenever you feel fit. 

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