january 13th-16th, 2022

winter wellness retreat

a luxurious all inclusive wellness experience with a farm-to-table focus



Our Winter Wellness Retreat  is a special space away from the stress of everyday life where you can gather with a like-minded women to practice self-care, reconnect with authentic yourself, and nourish the mind, body and spirit with four days filled with integrative wellness offerings.

Each of the four days will be comprised of actives that align with our four core values to gather, nourish, educate and inspire, and the retreat itself will be designed to leave you feeling rested, restored and ready to take on the challenges of the day-to-day with new tools that can be easily integrated in your everyday life at home. 


Day one will be a relaxed day focused on gathering with the group and getting settled in to your own personal space. Upon arrival, guests will have plenty of time to settle in and get accommodated before our first farm-to-table "family dinner" in the early evening. After dinner, our first optional yoga class will be held during free time for the rest of the evening.


Day two of our retreat will focus on nourishing all aspects of our being with healthy meals, massages, facials, energy work, astrology and tarot readings, morning and evening yoga, and time you to rest and connect with a more intuitive sense of self and peaceful pace of life.


Day three will focus on providing you with new tools to help support a more balanced and nourished lifestyle in your every day life. Throughout the day you will be treated to a series of mini wellness workshops focused on ayurveda, astrology, cooking and more!


Day four will be a relaxed day focused on creating an intention around your personal wellness with a cozy vision board brunch and other grounding activities to help maintain your newfound frame of mind before departing for home. 

Winter Wellness Retreat
Jan 13, 2022, 12:00 PM
Location is TBD

meet our retreat providers

Melissa Peralta

host + chef



buccal facials


Rachel Brodeur

ayurveda + yoga


Samantha Carney

reiki + meditation


Kiley Beswick

energy work + readings


Amanda O'Brien