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Our Services

Private Chef + Catering Services


We've partnered with our sister company Suddenly Simple Events to offer #moodfoodapproved  private chef services to assist with meal prep for daily dining and smaller occasions, as well as catering services for social gatherings  of all size. 

Every menu is created for each client and can be tailored to your unique diet preferences and wellness goals. 

To learn more about these services, please visit and mention that you're interested in a #moodfoodapproved menu when submitting your quote request. 


Please visit for pricing. 

In Home Cooking Classes

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Whether you're looking to master the basics, learn new recipes and techniques, or easily integrate more wellness into your everyday diet, our in-home cooking classes are an ideal option for those who would prefer to learn in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Our in-home cooking classes typically cover 1-2 recipes over 60-90 minutes, can be conducted in a one-on-one or group format, are custom created for each group/client, and can be tailored to your unique diet preferences and wellness goals. 

Just get in touch to book your in home cooking class!


Individual                 1 person                    $200 per class

Couple                    2-3 people               $250 per class

Group                     4+ people                 $75 per person

Bespoke Wellness Events


Whether it's a luxurious spa day, relaxing retreat, informative workshop or unique wellness experience that you're envisioning, we can create a bespoke wellness event that brings your vision to life in the comfort of your own home or favorite venue.

Our bespoke wellness events are custom created for every client and can include an endless list of offerings such as cooking classes, catering, yoga, massages, facials, reiki, readings, and more! 

Just get in touch with us to begin your no obligation consultation and receive your customized quote! 


Please contact us for a quote.

Meal Planning + Menu Consultation


For those who love to cook, but could benefit from a bit of guidance, we offer customized meal planning and menu consultation services to help identify your personal wellness goals and streamline the planning, shopping and preparation process of daily meals.

Consultations are approximately one hour, and can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, at our meeting space or remotely via phone call or zoom. At the end of our consultation you will receive a digital document with details, notes and links for each recipe, ingredient discussed during your consultation.

Just get in touch to book your consultation!



In-Person and Virtual Consultations start at $175/hour

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