Just JuJu Nut Mix by Wholesome Taste

Just JuJu Nut Mix by Wholesome Taste

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INGREDIENTS: Cashews. Almonds. Cinnamon Vanilla Chia Bark. Pineapple Chunks. Golden Raisins. Toasted Coconut Chips. Dark Chocolate 70%.

Just JuJu excites all classic cinnamon lovers combining healthy fats of RAW cashews & almonds, 70% Hu dark chocolate rich in antioxidants, dried pineapple, toasted coconut chips, & golden raisins. Cinnamon Vanilla Chia bark blends whole grain rolled oats, high protein & fiber chia seeds with natural sweetness of maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon, sea salt, and a dash of vanilla.





Wholesome Taste focuses on the natural human desire for achievement and success. Maximum productivity is generated through the right balance of distinct, complimentary ingredients. Productivity (a.k.a. “getting the job done”) is not a one size fits all. It’s a personalized plan that leads to exceptional results and contentment.


The key ingredients, although they vary in amounts, involve a fine blend of maintenance to one’s mind, body, wellness, and nutrition. Action oriented and health conscious, I am passionate about helping you grow and live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle.


I delight in the energy of nourishing foods, goal-oriented planning, and self-maintenance rituals. In turn, I can personally attest to the physical & emotional symptoms of stress in the form of body pains, mental fogginess, and emotional overload, challenging our ability to experience & envision success. Experiences both personal to me and widespread make the pursuit of achieving the optimal “healthy self,” difficult and truly overwhelming at times. 

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