Handcrafted Tea Blends by Herbs Makes Scents - 8 oz

Handcrafted Tea Blends by Herbs Makes Scents - 8 oz

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Handcrafted herbal tea blends with benefits! Multiple flavors available.



White Tangerine

Soft tea with a juicy light taste of tangerine.

Ingredients: White tea leaves and natural flavors of tangerine


White Peach                                       

Ingredients:  White tea leaves, apricot, peach pieces and natural flavors


Green Jasmine

Traditional green grassy notes with a subtle floral finish

Ingredients: Green tea infused with Jasmine flowers


Hearts & Flowers*

Bright taste with a sweet finish - a Heart Healthy Tea

Ingredients: Green tea infused with jasmine flowers, raspberry             pieces and hibiscus 


Mellow Mango*                     

Enjoy a flavorful green tea without the caffeine - Caffeine Free

Ingredients: C02 decaffeinated Green tea, calendula petals, natural mango flavor



Balancing and comforting.  Feel the love with every sip!

Ingredients:  Lavender buds. Orange peel. Vanilla. Earl grey (Irish breakfast infused with bergamot oil)


Earl Grey

Bold black tea with an intense citrus flavor. Sip like royalty

Ingredients:  Irish breakfast tea infused with bergamot oil. 


Peachy Keen

Light peach essence enhanced with apricot and a smooth black tea

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea (Sri Lanka), Calendula, Osmanthus petals, peach, apricot                         



A light herbal taste, Good for support during the cold and flu seasons. 

Ingredients:  Echinacea, strawberry, blackberry, Tulsi (Holy basil), Chamomile, Safflower petals, elderberries, cranberry pieces and natural flavor

Caffeine Free


Lemon Zinger*

Bright and warm with a balance of rich ginger, bright lemon, floral coriander notes

Ingredients:  Roasted chicory root, ginger root (no-sulfited), lemongrass, orange peel, lemon essential oil, hibiscus, coriander seed, cinnamon.

Caffeine Free


Cranny Apple*

Served hot or iced it is so nice! 

Fruity and Sweet

Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, natural flavors.

Caffeine Free


Tummy Tamer*

Soothing blend for those times of over indulging or stomach feels unsettled

Ingredients: Spearmint, lemon balm, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, oatstraw, alfalfa, ginger and lemon peel

Caffeine Free


*Peanut Warning


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