Bladderwrack Powder by New England Rock Moss

Bladderwrack Powder by New England Rock Moss

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Whole leaf washed, rinsed & dried South Shore, MA Bladderwrack finely ground to a powder.


All natural. Atlantic Ocean grown in the wild, foraged.


2 oz raw


Bladderwrack is an edible brown seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) that is extremely rich in health-promoting nutrients. It contains vitamins A, C, iodine, trace minerals, magnesium, potassium, sodium, minerals, trace metals, phenolics, phloroglucinol, fucophorethols, phlorotannins, mucopolysaccharides, algin, lipids, and sulphuryl-, sulphonyl- and phosphonyl-glycosyl ester diglycerides.


*May contain traces of shellfish.

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