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Ever wonder why humans love salt so much?

While everyone is familiar with the distinct flavor of salt, not everyone is so familiar with the science behind why we have evolved to love that salty taste sprinkled into almost everything we consume - and the reason is even less complex than you might expect!

Unlike processed table salt, which has rightfully developed a bad reputation for being filled with "empty" sodium and chemical additives, naturally harvested sea salt is an abundant source of many essential nutrients needed to maintain balanced mental and physical health.

Naturally harvested sea salt, like that produced by Duxbury Saltworks, is mainly comprised of sodium and chloride, along with other macro-nutrients and trace elements, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and manganese, among others.

POTASSIUM helps to regulate fluid balance and support proper nerve function.

CALCIUM plays an essential role in both cardiovascular and muscular health.

MAGNESIUM has been shown to help reduce body aches and improve nerve function.

PHOSPHORUS helps to grow, maintain and repair various types of cells.

ZINC contains T cells which are required by the body to regulate immune response.

IRON helps the body to fight fatigue and improve concentration.

MANGANESE plays a role in the body's regulation of blood sugar levels.

Because natural sea salt is such a diverse source necessary nutrients, it is no wonder why we have evolved to crave those crunchy crystals and love the taste of salt sprinkled into almost everything we consume!

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