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Bone Broth Braised Short Ribs w. All Natural Maple Glaze Recipe

This clean recipe pairs perfectly with cozy evenings at home, hearty greens, harvest vegetables and all things fall! Keep reading for our favorite serving suggestions!

BONE BROTH is an excellent source of collagen, a protein that has been shown to help improve muscle mass, support bone health and relieve joint pain.

MAPLE SYRUP contains over 24 antioxidants, with more compounds being found in dark maple syrup in comparison to lighter varieties.

GRASS FED BEEF has a much higher content of antioxidants, vitamins and beneficial fats than commercially produced grain fed beef.


4 x 8 oz grass fed short ribs, bone-in (we love bogside acres!)

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp coconut oil


Begin by patting the short ribs dry with a paper towel. Then, rub the ribs with duxbury saltworks autumn salt blend and brush off and reserve any excess salt.

Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium-high heat, then add the short ribs to the pan, bone up and cook for approximately 5 minutes, or until the meat easily releases from the pan. Flip the ribs and continue to cook. Repeat until the meat is seared on all sides, then remove from pan.

Then, once the pan is empty, add the hale bone broth and deglaze the pan using a spoon, spatula or whisk. Once the broth is bubbling, add the short ribs and reserved excess salt, bring to a boil, cover, and reduce heat to medium. Let the ribs simmer for 2-3 hours until the bones are easily removed from the meat. Once the ribs are cooked, removed them from the pan and begin working the maple glaze.

To create the maple glaze, reduce the amount of liquid in the pan to 2 cups, bring to a boil, and add the apple cider. Deglaze the pan using a whisk and continue cooking over high heat until the broth has been reduced by half, whisking the entire time. Once the broth is reduced, add the rugged ridge forest wood fired maple syrup, reduce the heat to medium-high and continue cooking, while whisking continuously for approximately 2-4 minutes, or until the glaze begins to caramelize. Remove from heat and the short ribs back into the pan. Toss to coat and let the ribs rest in the pan to warm before serving.

SERVE WITH Simply Salted Sweet Potato Puree (You'll LOVE our ridiculously easy recipe!) and/or......

. roasted brussels

. butternut squash

. caramelized onions

. baby arugula

. jicama wraps

classic sea salt + paprika + dill + chili pepper + black peppercorns

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