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Please note that all orders will be available for pickup during regular business hours on
April 4th at Mullaney's Harborside Fish Market IN SCITUATE
regardless of alternative time or pickup location on your order.
If you can't make it on Monday, you are welcome to pick up your order later in the week. To maintain quality, please pickup your order ASAP.

When ordering with us, you never have to question the quality of your food or wonder if the person
preparing your meal understands the importance of nourishing your body with REAL FOOD that
never leaves you feeling like you've made a sacrifice for your health! 

All of our exceptional ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from the highest quality all natural,
local and organic vendors, and are guaranteed to be 100% dairy, gluten and refined sugar free!

All seafood will be sourced exclusively from our friends at Mullaney's Harborside Fish Market!

This will be our last pop up for the time being!

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