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Join us at our fourth annual

Fall Harvest Feast

Our flagship farm-to-table fundraising event in support of The Magical Moon Farm in Marshfield, MA.

Tickets are on sale now!

Keep it simple. Make it nice.

That's our philosophy moving forward.

While we have loved offering our five to seven course tasting style dinners with private tables and formal settings over the last few years,

We are excited to introduce a new format at this year's event! 

In lieu of structured small plates and rigid courses, this year's dinner will be inspired by the free-flowing, 'food is love' and 'everything is better when shared with friends' feeling that Melissa loves to create when entertaining guests in her own home.

From the moment you take a seat at our communal long table, you will be invited to begin enjoying the edible installation of locally sourced snacks, freshly prepared dips and, of course, lots of farm fresh fruits and vegetables!

Each of the evening's three plated courses (a specialty starter salad, full size entree and individual dessert) will be come as a pleasant surprise as yourself lost in conversation with your neighbors as you continue to explore your edible centerpiece throughout the event.

While we will still strive to create a relaxed pace and time to rest and digest a bit between courses, this year's event be a bit shorter than our previous five to seven course dinners (some of which were over five hours from start to finish!) with just a half hour for music and mingling before seating and 2-2.5 hours designated for dinner service itself. 

Everything on the menu will still be


Locally sourced, plant based and made with the highest quality ingredients possible. 

Omnivore tickets will also be available for those who wish to enjoy a selection of locally sourced animal proteins with their gathering board and entree.

The Vibe

Friendsgiving with friends you haven't met yet

Communal long table in a charming historical hall

Thoughtful, but not overdone

Mixed matched dishes

Talking with your hands

Eating with your fingers

Elbows on the table

Come as you are

At The Event

Live acoustic music all night

Cash bar

Casual attire

Admission Includes

$25 donation to the Magical Moon Farm


One seat at our communal harvest table

Bottomless mocktail carafes

Shared 'cheese' display

Plated starter salad

Full-size plated entree

Plated dessert

A thank you bag featuring surprises, samples and savings

from our favorite brands and vendors

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